Raven Radio Theater Scripts for the Classroom

This innovative “hands-on” workshop for elementary and secondary school teachers shows how radio theater can be used to integrate the language arts, history, science, health, and arts curricula while fostering cooperation and imagination in young people. Using an EARS™ kit, a unique, easy-to-use, portable recording studio designed specifically for educators by the Raven Radio Theater, workshop participants learn all aspects of radio theater production including script writing, casting, how to find or make sound effects, and performance and recording techniques. Under the direction of noted writer/director Joe McHugh, participants have fun learning how to produce in the classroom high-quality radio plays with their students which can be enjoyed later by other students, family and friends or broadcast to the community over a local radio station.

An entertaining illustrated guide, “The Raven Radio Theater Cookbook, Recipes for the Imagination” is provided to each participant along with a comprehensive list of radio theater resources from around the world.

Raven Radio Theater Teach In-service with Joe McHugh
Raven Radio Theater
Teacher Training with Joe McHugh
Teachers learning radio drama techniques from the Raven Radio Theater
Teachers learning radio drama techniques from the Raven Radio Theater
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"In the case of CLC-TECH, radio drama has been an effective additon to our program. Many CLC students do not function well in a traditional school setting because their brains do not process in a visual/linear fashion. Not only does radio drama suit non-linear thinkers, but it also connects simutaneous left-brain/right brain thinking. Much like playing music, performance in a radio drama requires students to decode while performing that can greatly aid teachers in the difficult work of motivation and informing their students."

Cameron Weckerly, teacher

The Use of Radio Drama in a Community School Program
Kern County, Bakersfield, California
written by Cameron Weckerly

Case History

Lester is one of those students who defies categorization and causes Alternative Education teachers to shake their heads. He has been in and out of community school programs most of his career and seems to constantly be in some kind of trouble. Upon his first attempts to auditon for a part, he performed dismally as he stumbled over words and spoke in a monotone voice. As Lester did not have a reputation for being a scholarly student, it came as a surprise, when Lester asked to take the script home and rehearse before his next audition. With a few days of diligent practive, Lester not only successfully auditioned for a part, but his perserverance and dedication allowed his natural ability to shine and capitivate the listening audience. His success with the radio drama program has spilled over into his academic subjects, as his general education teachers currently report, that his enthusiasm for school has increased and his verbal skills have improved.

What Student's Say . . .

"This was a lot of fun, because it is something I have never experienced before. We also learned a lot of history, and that everyone is important, whether that's people with a little money or a lot of money."

Heather Black age 10

"I memorized my part by saying it to myself the whole day."

Mark Andrews age 10

"I learned that we worked good as a team and if we put our minds to it we'll succeed."

Sarah D'Andrade age 10

"This program brings out confidence and exploration in my students. Even the kids who are afraid to read aloud enjoy the radio dramas."

Jan Drageset, Scotten Elementary

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